Friday, March 27, 2009

Biggest Loser Family Challenge Weigh-in #3

And the winner is.......Team Monkey! To say that I'm relieved is an understatement. That's one more pound in our corner for the big pay day. I can't wait to be lying on a sunny beach drinking frozen adult beverages on someone else's dime.

Team Monkey: 418.6 - 411.4 = 7.2 = 1.72%
Team P: 459.0 - 464.0= +5 = +1.09%
Team F: 552 - 547.0 = 5 = 0.91%
Team L: 429 - 430.4 = +1.4 = +0.33%

Despite the numbers, I'm still totally slacking. Stress is still an issue, and I'm working on finding a way to deal better with that. Right now lack of exercise and indulging in food seem to be my answer. Then again, that seems to be my answer to a lot of things. Kinda like old reliable, it just feels so good, how could it possibly be wrong. This is one of those head versus heart things that my ass (literally) just is not wining right now.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Finally, a break through!

I've been waiting for this... I've been needing this... I was wondering when it was going to happen...

Back when I went to the gym on a regular basis I remembered really enjoying my workouts. They gave me clarity and peace. It was my me time, and no one was allowed in. I would run or swim and just zone out from whatever was going on in the world. I missed that feeling. It's hard enough knowing what you need to do to get to the end game you want. It's worse when you know that you're the only one getting in your way.

If you had asked me earlier tonight if today was a win or a loose, it was a big fat loose. There had been extra catering today at the office and not only did I eat way too much of that, I did it after having already eaten the healthy lunch I had packed for myself. I felt fat, I felt gross, I felt sick. For a good hour I kept telling my officemate how ill I felt. When would I learn? On the ride home I was exhausted but forced myself to go to the gym. I knew if I could just get into the locker room and get my clothes on I would at least make it through the workout. Did I mention how sick I still felt?

I started off with my warm up. bleh. Dragged my ass upstairs for my stretching. eh. Crawled my way through the circuit room. Should I still be burping hours later? Finally an end was in sight and I just had to make it through my cardio. All of the ellipticals with the TVs were taken (of course they were!), so I decided to hop back on the treadmill. Given my weight, and the early arthritis in my knee, I'm still walking on the treadmill instead of running. To increase my workout I adjust the incline every five minute and walk at a 3.6 mile. As I start to adjust I bump up my starting incline. Tonight as I got to the 20 minute mark I was feeling surprisingly good (especially given that I wanted to vomit in the circuit room). At 25 minutes when I hit my max incline, my arms were pumping and I was on a roll. At 30 minutes I could have gone another 30. What the hell was this? Why wasn't I counting down the last few seconds and contemplating lowering the incline. I knew this feeling. I LOVED this feeling. I was really enjoying myself again.

I can't wait to go to the gym tomorrow!

Biggest Loser Family Challenge Weigh-in #2

And the winner is.......Team F! They're doing great. If this had only been a two month challenge there would have been hundredths of a percent separating our two teams.

Team Monkey: 423.2 - 418.6 = 4.6 = 1.09%
Team P: 455 + 459 = +4 = +0.88%
Team F: 567 - 552 = 15 = 2.65%
Team L: 438 - 429 = 9 = 2.05%

Well, this month wasn't stellar for me personally. I caught myself stress eating a lot, and making excuses for not working out. I made it to the gym at least twice a week (probably averaged about 3 times) but really that's pretty pathetic for me. I need to recharge, I need to de-stress, I need to focus. Part of the problem has been alcohol. While I don't call hanging out with our friends a problem, I don't necessarily need to drink as much as I am when we do it. My goal for the next month is to regain control.