Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Consider the line crossed

I'm not even really sure where to begin. I'm so appalled that this is even being debated in our highest court. Earlier today I heard on the radio about a court case where they were weighing the legality of ordering a school age student to comply with a strip search under the suspicion of drug possession. Now at first I was just shocked, but after reading this article, I just shook my head in disbelief. Seriously???

How could any school system, and any court house think that it's okay to order a minor child to a strip search without the presence of their parent? After not finding the prescription Ibuprofen in the girl's purse based on the accusation of ONE of her schoolmates, their logical next step was a humiliating strip search as opposed to say searching her locker, or corroborating the story with other students. Clearly they've been watching too much TV.

I mean seriously, if you're that concerned about keeping drugs out of school, and are so certain that this girl is in possession of the drugs, call the effing cops! If you're not at that point, expel her. Under no circumstances should a school system decide that they have the authority that a police officer doesn't even have without bringing a suspect into the station. And to execute this without her parents present. She was a MINOR. Cops can't even talk to minors without their parents. Again I ask, SERIOUSLY???

And yet here we are, hearing the case for at least the third time, debating where the line in the sand is that school systems can't cross in their effort to maintain a zero tolerance environment.

Guess what, the line was effing crossed.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fatty, Baby Girl, Wiggle Butt, Tessie

The most accurate of all is wiggle butt. As in, I have no tail to wag therefore my entire ass end must make up for it. It's these greetings at the top of the stairs that can make any bad day, or crappy commute melt away. She reaches this uncontrolable level of excitement that just sends her into her horizontal happy dance.

She's also called smush face because well that's what bulldogs are. And Ms. Talkie talk because that's what she does when you're not paying enough attention to her. I've never had a dog that actually talked and interacted with me to the extent that she does. She's demanding and jealous, and just bats her pretty little eyes at you when she knows she's pushing your limits. Everything the stereotypes sa that a little sister is. Every toy Riggo plays with is her new abosolute favorite and must be hers RIGHT NOW.

But as sweet as that little face is, she's also our guard dog, our protector, and lioness. Who needs ADT when Tessie will bark and growl with the bite of an animal twice her size. In her small little head she's the king of the mountain and no one can stand in her way.

For all your expensive allergies that I'm still not sure we're at the bottom of, you're extremely low maintenance in all other aspects of life. You're favorite treat is an ice cube fresh from the freezer. Favorite toy is a rousing game of keep away/fetch with a regular old tennis ball. Weekend morning activity is hoppng in to bed with us just to fall back asleep in the crook of a knee or make shift valley of covers between us.

You not only enjoy the simple pleasures in life, but remind me of them too. I appreciate everything better through your eyes.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Six Margaritas into a Friday night and my dear husband finally convinced me to join twitter. He wasn't trying all that hard, but I tend to get chatty when I drink and suddenly our facebook status update chat wasn't cutting it. We created a virtual happy hour of updates and comments with friends, and the next thing I knew, I had an account. Who knows where this will go when I sober up. Could just be a drunk thing kinda like drunk dialing. Likely to be entertaining for those that can appreciate good drunken status updates.

On that note, we're on to some Rockband... Alabama getaway, getaway....Alabama getaway, getaway......